Frequently Asked Questions

What are your barge size and load capacity?

We are Malaysia based barge owner and service provider. We own and operate several sizes of barge and continually increase our fleet size. As of March 2018, our barge size range from 240FT to 300FT with DWT ranging from 4000MT to 7500MT. However, actual load capacity of the barge will depends on the properties/density of the cargo. 


Where is your trading area?

We offer charter of our barge to various areas within the region of Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and South Vietnam.


What types of cargo can we charter your barge for?

We may charter our barge for all types of bulk cargo and project cargo. Examples of bulk cargo include coal, petcoke, PKS, sulphur, feldspar, gypsum, woodchip, silica sand and etc. The barge may also be chartered for project cargo such as steel structures, spun piles, vehicles and others.

Our barge may also be chartered as feeder service to carry containers.


Is your barge available for charter to carry armour rocks and other quarry products?

Currently we are not able to offer barge for charter for quarry products due to the high potential of the products damaging our barge.


Is your barge available for only spot cargo or can it be chartered for long-term under COA?

Our barge is available for both spot cargo and on COA basis.


We wish to charter your barge for dedicated usage for 6 months or 1 year. Is this possible?

Yes, it is possible.


Why should we consider chartering your barge instead of from other operator?

Firstly, we are the owners of the tug boats and barges, meaning that we have full control over the crew and operation matters. Many operators do not own the tug boats/barges and therefore not able to provide satisfactory services to their Charterer.

In addition, we own and operate a considerable size of fleet. In the industry, it is not uncommon for the tug boats/barges to be delayed due to various circumstances such as weather and mechanical break-down. In our case, we own a fleet large enough to position back-up/replacement barges in such circumstances to mitigate delay. 

All our tug boats and barges undergo regular maintenance to ensure their top-notch performances and minimum down-time. 

Charterers are also very happy with our daily on-time reports of the vessel movements which enable smooth operation of loading and discharge activities. 


Are your tug boats and barges class-maintained and covered under insurance?

Yes, all our tugs and barges are class-maintained and undergo regular survey and docking as per the Class's requirements. All our tugs and barges are covered under H&M and P&I.


Does your tug boats and barges have domestic shipping license to trade in Malaysia water?

All our tugs and barges that is positioned to trade in Malaysia water have valid DSL (domestic shipping license).


Are your barges registered to enter Petronas Terminal at Sg Udang Port, Melaka?

Yes. All our barges are registered and meets the requirement to enter Petronas terminal at Sg Udang Port, Melaka to load petcoke and sulphur. We are one of the earliest barge service provider that carry Petronas cargo to various destinations within Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.


May we charter only the tug or the barge without the complete pair?

Most of our tugs and barges are chartered as a pair. However, in special circumstances, we may consider chartering out only the tug boat or the barge.


Is any of your tugs and barges available for sales?

We continually renew our fleets and welcome any enquiry to purchase our existing fleets.


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