Winner of SOBA 2018 - Silver Award

MCL Logistics received a Silver Award for the Star Outstanding Business Award 2018, for the BEST GLOBAL MARKET category.  

The Star Outstanding Business Awards (SOBA) is a prestigious award to recognise the best in Malaysian businesses. SOBA winners are testaments of high achievement and serve as a benchmark for others to emulate. (Refer

Receiving the award was a proud moment for MCL as we strives to excel in our business to better serve our Customers and stake-holders. 

In conjunction with the award presentation event, the newspaper The Star also published a special pull out on some companies that participated in the event. 


Below is the article in full:

 What are some of the challenges faced by SMEs/your company in today's changing business environment?

Today, we are operating in a very volatile environment. Customer’s difficulty in assessing their business forecast in turn affect their commitment to engage our services on longer-term. The fluctuation of the currency and oil prices have direct impact on our revenue and our operation costs, which in turn put pressure on our profit. Financial institutions are very cautious on offering loans or impose high interest rate to the maritime industry, limiting our ability to expand as fast as we otherwise could.

How can companies stand out in this competitive landscape?

MCL actively engage our customers on frequent basis to understand their requirements and fine-tune our strategic plans and asset utilization accordingly. This year, MCL will own and operate eight sets of tugboats and barges. Being direct owner enables us to make quick decisions to respond to the market needs. MCL operates a fleet of different capacity range which suits differing requirements of the market.

What are the goals/principles/values/visions that have guided the growth of your company?

MCL have always been guided by fulfilling our customer’s satisfaction as the most important basis. We enjoy good relationship with our Customers and have wide networks that support our operation. We have experienced and dedicated staffs and crews that share our vision. We continuously explore new markets to expand our trading routes.

Customers are increasingly expecting more than just good products and services, how important is sustainability in your operations?

Direct and frequent engagements with Customers are crucial to ensure smooth operation. Operation costs are carefully managed to ensure our pricing competitiveness. Our tugboats and barges are built and maintained to internationally-accredited standards to achieve on-schedule performances. We constantly employ digital information technology in our operation to deliver up-to-date information for decision making and for our customer. For example, each day, our Customers receive automatic updates of the barge movement, location and estimated time of arrival. We also invest in technology to monitor tugboats’ engine performances. Our yearly expansion of fleets and full utilization of our barges are good track records to show that we have been able to sustain our business.

With standards improving, how do you benchmark against the industry?

On regular basis, we carefully review on our business performances, seek feed-back from our Customers and the market to ensure that we are competitive in both service and pricing. MCL constantly seek to challenge ourselves to exceed the industry benchmark. As an example, we are a direct owner with the most number of our barges that meets and pass the Petronas OSVIS (Off-Shore Vessel Inspection System) stringent requirements which enable us to continuously to serve Petronas and their end-users. Despite the volatility of the current environment, we are proud that MCL have been able to achieve our plans and targets for the past few years.

New Fleet: Launching of MCL Premium


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MCL Premium was launched on 31 January 2018. To date, this shall be the biggest barge in MCL Fleet.

New Fleet: Launching of MCL Putera III


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MCL Putera III was launched on 28 August 2017. This is the 3rd 1600hp tug boat in MCL's fleet of tug boats for hire. 

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