Gypsum | Barge Charter

 Each year we move approximately 100,000 MT of Gypsum to various ports in Malaysia and Indonesia. We have been offering our barge for charter to transport gypsum for years and can call ourselves as one of the most experienced handler in this region. Among some of our most commonly used barge size for the movement of gypsum include our 280FT barge that is capable to carry up to 6500MT of gypsum per load.

Gypsum is most commonly found together with other minerals such as halite, anhydrite, calcite and dolomite. In this region, similar to feldspar, layered sedimentary deposits are largely found in Southern Thailand. Much of gypsum minerals in Thailand is exported to locations in Malaysia and Indonesia. 

Gypsum is essential ingredient in the manufacture of wallboard, cement, plastered board and also as retarder in portland cement. 

At the port of loading, gypsum rock is loaded via conveyor or using dump truck. At most discharge ports, discharge is done using tipper truck.

Due to the compact form of gypsum, and sufficient height of sideboard of our barges, the barges are able to be loaded to its maximum dead weight carrying capacity, hence assisting the charterer in maximising the cost of the barge charter. 


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